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Bronycon Hardstyle Summer by 89Borderline Bronycon Hardstyle Summer :icon89borderline:89Borderline 3 0
Slenderman Poem
The last sunrise I had seen
upon my age of thirteen.
My vision blurred
as horrors stirred,
Upon the eve of my thirteen.
Black and dense
was this malcontent.
Blood and gut it spilled
'til the time that hunger filled
the belly of my malcontent.
Bread and drink ignored.
Flesh punctured, Muscle gored.
Stricken as pale blight
had I been that bloody night,
in the dark when all had tore.
Though I ran, I saw it walk
Though I grew deaf, I heard it talk.
It spoke of dreadful things.
Of horrors spread,
Nightmares to bring
Slim it was 'cross the back
teeth and gum it did not lack.
Of hellish descent was this dreadful foe
that sought to seize my wayward soul,
and leave me broken as by Ripper Jack.
The last sunrise I had seen
upon my age of thirteen.
My vision changed
as horrors strange,
I too had grown keen.
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A Tale for Twilight
A Tale for Twilight
It was midnight, the full moon was shining bright as it hung high atop Twilight's library. Princess Luna had especially made sure there were extra stars in the night sky as a favor for Twilight. Inside the library a small mouse scampered across the floor in search of a crumb of food to feed his starving belly. It's nose sniffing constantly to detect any signs of danger, which to his senses were nonexistent.
Death came on swift wings as Owlicious wrapped the small creature in her razor sharp claws with a vice like grip. She turned silently throughout the main floor before returning to her perch and landing as softly as she took off. The mouse disappeared in two quick gulps while upstairs Spike snored quietly in his basket. He turned slightly as he dreamt whatever dreams a dragon dreams after consuming a meal big enough to fill his belly and warm enough to warrant a happy heart.
Twilight observed all this from under her blanket after a muffled bump distracted her from
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Crackheaded monkey by 89Borderline Crackheaded monkey :icon89borderline:89Borderline 0 0 Infiltration by 89Borderline Infiltration :icon89borderline:89Borderline 1 0 Is it running yet? by 89Borderline Is it running yet? :icon89borderline:89Borderline 0 2 Y U NO GUY takes on Minecraft squid by 89Borderline Y U NO GUY takes on Minecraft squid :icon89borderline:89Borderline 3 1 My Renamon Creation by 89Borderline My Renamon Creation :icon89borderline:89Borderline 2 1 Furries attempt no.2 by 89Borderline Furries attempt no.2 :icon89borderline:89Borderline 0 2 Furries attempt no.1 by 89Borderline Furries attempt no.1 :icon89borderline:89Borderline 0 0 Bat face off W.I.T.C.H by 89Borderline Bat face off W.I.T.C.H :icon89borderline:89Borderline 0 0 cute renamon by 89Borderline cute renamon :icon89borderline:89Borderline 2 3
Jurassic Park 4 shortFanscript
Park IV
Park was tremendous failure. And though lives were lost Ingen
continued operations in secrecy fueled by the hope that one day they
would be able to make a secure financial comeback. Then Peter Ludlow
took over, and the dream was dashed as the Tyrannosaur rampaged
through the city. The amount of lawsuits was too much and John
Hammond regrettably declared the company bankrupt. All the while
Biosyn, Ingen's longtime rival company, was waiting in the shadows
for it's opportunity. And now Roger Newman and Lewis Dodgson have
taken to a new plan.
the United States government declares Islas Sorna and Nublar a threat
to humanity and orders the destruction of the dinosaurs, the Biosyn
executives send in a team of specialists to collect specimens for the
laboratories to study. A revised version of the plan Dennis Nedry was
too inept to accomplish. The team masquerades as a reconnaissance
team for the military and slip through the finer cracks in the law.
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Sherlock Pikachu by 89Borderline Sherlock Pikachu :icon89borderline:89Borderline 1 0


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